Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kitchen's New Addition Makes a "Splash!"

Finally! The backsplash I first told you about back in September arrived at the house on Friday. After a three month delay caused by what can only be described as a lack of communication, the sheet metal fabricator finished their task.
The three backsplash pieces were fabricated from sheets of stainless steel, scored with a 3"-quilted pattern. Most of the notches and holes for outlets were cut for us but Scott had to use the Dremel for some small touch-ups.
Thanks to a brilliant suggestion from his wife, Scott used super-sticky, double-sided tape which was leftover from the installation of the rubber stair treads.
Once the paper backing was removed, the steel was ready to press into place. The first piece was the simplest; this is the small area above the microwave.
Ta Da!
One down, two to go . . . 
Most of you know that this opening will eventually hold shelves on which I will stack the Fiesta. In the meantime, this sliver of stainless steel is held temporarily by the outlet cover plates.
The biggest backsplash challenge was the stove wall.
He test-fit the piece before applying the tape. Luckily, this piece was fabricated very precisely!
Adding the sticky tape . . .
Removing the paper backing . . .
I helped guide this large piece into place. It was a little scary since the tape wants to stick to everything, including shirts and hands - so we had to work quickly. My reward for being a good helper was getting to pull some of the protective plastic off the stainless.
We really couldn't be more impressed with the way this looks! The kitchen feels finished now, and the stainless is beautiful.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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