Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This and That

The heat - the nasty, humid, windy heat - was back this weekend. It forced us to take refuge in the air conditioning. In turn, the air conditioning forced us into laziness. Not many projects were accomplished but the weekend was nice, nonetheless.

Our niece (and Wilson's former mama) Katie and Alessio were in town from Portland so we met them for breakfast on Saturday morning, along with Carl, Marita, and Jeff. After eating pancakes bigger than a dinner plate, it was all we could do to get off the couch in time for supper - and by then it was time to watch the Husker game. However, not all of our time was spent in a Husker-Pancake-induced coma . . . we managed to do a few useful things.

I finally retrieved the planter boxes from the combine! Mums were on special at Lowe's last week, so I stocked up on a variety of colors and got the boxes ready.
The moss rose I planted in 2012 survived that terrible drought and the winter . . . so I just had to clean the dead stuff out of the six boxes.
My planting bench is crowded with all sorts of non-planting things like wood stain and Bibbers' winter condo.
The boxes are planted and ready to go on display! They should offer a nice display for the fall season. 

Later in the day, I asked Scott to help me hang some pictures in our bedroom. This simple task makes the room look more complete, and we were able to cross another thing off his "to do" list.
Of course, Leo had to pose for the camera. Such a pretty kitty!

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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