Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Fun Labor Day

Monday was Labor Day, and we took advantage of a day away from work by having a day chock full of activities. Luckily, the heatwave finally broke, and we were treated with an absolutely beautiful day!
I was excited to purchase some plants for our south patio (finally!) We now have some beautiful Mexican pottery, on loan from Carl and Marita, filled with a variety of mums.
 I finally got some additional plants for the courtyard. I made a big mess, getting everything figured out . . . 
 . . . but I think the end result is very welcoming! I even swept the leaves off the concrete (not to mention the spider webs which are everywhere. I'm afraid I made some Daddy Long Legs very, very upset.)
After an early morning bike ride with Kevin, Scott spent the afternoon doing trail maintenance.  
We ended our Labor Day in the very best way:  with a visit from Bennett! He brought along his mommy (Sara) and daddy (Kevin) for a dinner of brats, beans, etc. which we enjoyed on the patio. Bennett will be one already next month. He's a cutie!

OH! How could I forget? I just gotta tell you . . . 
The shower in the master bath is finally up and running! Monday morning started early because of Scott's bike ride but I jumped out of bed knowing that I could take a shower in the new bathroom! The only problem is that the el cheapo shower rod I bought falls down once a day . . . and when it hits the floor, one or more of the curtain rings breaks. The curtain is temporary because we plan on having glass installed but it's still an annoyance I could do without. In any case, the shower works great, the tile is beautiful, and I'm happy.

We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!


  1. Hey, what a cute kid! Now, which one of you is that taking a shower?

    1. Ummmmmm...since it's a pig, I guess it's me.