Monday, July 29, 2013

Perfect Burnin' Weather

We have a long list started of things that need to get finished inside the house. But when God gives you a 75-degree/no humidity/no wind Saturday in July, what are you gonna do? At noTTafarm, we go outside, start a fire, and burn stuff! We spent the majority of the afternoon clearing two dead pine trees and the Norway spruce.
Two pine trees on the south edge of the yard fell victim to the pesky pine disease. Last summer's drought didn't help matters. Scott started the clean up by clearing off as many branches as he could reach. I dragged them to the burn pile while he started on the final cuts.
 Making the notch . . .
 . . . and giving a final push! Sadly, the chain on the saw started acting up shortly after this photo was taken. Scott needs to make a trip to Little Engines before he can fell the other tree.
I discovered that I could lay in the hammock and watch the fire, rather than stand around - a great way to relax and enjoy the show!
This poor Norway spruce north of the house was such a grand tree. It was sad to watch it whither in the heat last summer! Many of the lowest branches have been removed and disposed of, and once the chainsaw is up and running, we'll clear this out, too.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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