Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free Base + Free Top = Free Table!

My attention is finally turning from construction to decorating, and I've been casually shopping for a coffee table to use in the great room. Though my trips through the Design Gallery at the Furniture Mart are enjoyable, paying $1000 for a coffee table is not. Luckily, I had a brainstorm one afternoon last week, and Scott actually went along with it! We now have a table that is the right size, the right look, and - best of all - was free! Here's how:
During one of his dumpster dives last fall, Scott found this 16"-tall steel table base. He thinks it was probably a patio fire pit stand that outlived its usefulness for one of the construction guys.
When we were first married, my dad made a kitchen table for us out of a butcher block table top that he stained and finished. The base was a Singer sewing machine stand from one of his great aunts. 
I got busy sanding, touching-up the stain, and poly-coating the 42"-wide table top . . . 
. . . while Scott tightened-up the screws holding the base together, and gave it two coats of "bronze" spray paint.
Wilson helped Scott attach the base to the top with eight screws . . .
. . . and Leo gave the table his approval! It looks great with the other steel and wood elements in the great room. Best of all, it was free!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!