Monday, August 30, 2010

Let's Build a Picnic Table!

Scott thought it would be a nice idea to have a picnic table at NoTTafarm.  I thought it would be a nice break from "hard labor" for him and his dad to build one.  Of course, when two Camp men take on a project, there is a lot of measuring and thinking and pondering and re-measuring even before the first board is cut to size.  They spent a good portion of Saturday on the construction, working past dark with the trouble light illuminating the work area.  The seats were added Sunday afternoon.  After the wood dries out, we'll give it a good coat of stain or paint (after a proper sanding, of course).
Carl steadies the lumber as Scott adds the first screw to the table top.

Going over the blueprints (again).

Positioning the first table leg.

Hey!  It's really starting to look like something!
Meanwhile, Marita and I got dinner
ready; she made her famous baked beans.  Yum!
Smokey Joe called into service for Saturday supper.

The smell of the burgers cooking attracted our corn crib cat.
We previously thought he was wild but upon closer
 inspection (through the telephoto lens) we've decided he probably
lives next door.  Carl has named him "Bibbers" after everyone
poo-pooed my idea of "Santa Leo" (get it?  Because he looks
like our Leo wearing a Santa beard?  OK, maybe not).

Sunday was sunny and winnnnddddyyy!  The boys
had just a few final adjustments to complete.

The finished product!
Who's ready for dinner?


  1. You guys are so darn cute, I want to barf pink fluffy bunnies!

  2. Thanks, Cheri! (I think). Just trying to keep up the standard set by you and your special someone!

  3. We don't upchuck cute rabbits for just anyone :)It's a beautiful blog and it's going to be great fun to look back on as the project progresses.