Sunday, August 22, 2010

Have Barn, Will Store Stuff

Saturday was insufferably hot.  We had the trifecta of heat at noTTafarm:  temps in the high '90s, high humidity, and no breeze.

While Marita and I gave up and went inside to vacuum and pull up staples, Carl and Scott braved the heat to get some work done.  Carl spent the better part of the day tearing apart a homemade wheelchair ramp that had been discarded in the brush pile.  He harvested a bucket full of nails and brackets plus several perfectly usable 2x6s ("treated southern pine", says Scott.)  

The boys took advantage of the barn's loft storage, hoisting the lumber to its new home.

Good job, Camps!
Carl stacks his bounty from a day of hard work.
Hoisting the lumber up to the loft.

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