Monday, November 7, 2016

Recap: Lumberjack Day 2016!

We took a risk when we scheduled Lumberjack Day for the last week of October. The weather could have been rainy and gray or even cold and icy . . . but we got lucky! With clear skies, no wind and 73 degrees for a high, a bunch of happy lumberjacks celebrated another fun day.
As is LJD tradition, The Kupzyks were the first to arrive. Bennett (who turned 4 on Oct. 13) enjoyed the noTTafarm coloring book I put together.
Some of those representing my side of the family:  Chelsie, Tim, Dad, Joe's friend Phalen, Joe, Lauren's boyfriend Jeff, and Lauren.
Hotdog Lunch! 
Our friends Hank and Susie stopped by at lunch as did Scott's brother Jeff and Tonya. We had a great mix of friends and family in attendance!
Two of my faves . . . my mommy, Jolene, and my buddy, Leigh Anne. 
Scott was stylin' in one of our new noTTafarm t-shirts. (If you want to order one, let me know!) Teresa, Clark and Karli missed the fun but brother Tim spent the day with us before heading home to Sioux Falls. Thanks for making the coleslaw, Timmy!
Scott and Kevin started the west brush pile fire around 9AM. By the end of the afternoon, not much was left of the once 10-ft. tall pile.
noTTafarm Super Friend Amy B. had an intense Harry Potter conversation with Leigh Anne's daughter, Meredith. I was so happy to have LA's hubby join us this year. Come back soon, Dave!
Sister-in-law LuAnn helped three of her four granddaughters with their pumpkin carving. The Brummet babies got help from their daddy, Monte.
Brenna and Meredith - such concentration for the perfect jack o'lanterns! (Thanks for the photo, Leigh Anne!)
The boys actually cut down a tree! Scott directed the chainsaws toward a dead elm east of the barn. It came down with a huge "CRACK" but - thankfully - no injuries this time.
Amy B. had Tripp pick up six sticks before he could go on a hayrack (aka trailer) ride. He did a great job and enjoyed playing with all the other little visiting Lumberjacks!
What else would two three year olds do with the challenge of Scott's rock pile? Perfect climbing opportunity for Kitra and Maggie!
This year, we outfitted the trailer with haybales topped with leftover canvas from The Wedding. I knew if I kept that in the basement, I'd be able to use it someday. The hay rides were a huge hit! Scott and the Ranger made several trips around the property from west to east and back again.

As with previous years, I didn't take enough photos - but I hope what I've included here gives you a good snapshot of the day's activities. Thanks for attending and we'll see you next year!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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