Thursday, September 22, 2016

Peppers for Everyone!

The funny thing about planting six pepper plants (five surviving) is that you actually get a ton of peppers to harvest. Sadly, only 50% of noTTafarmers actually enjoy eating peppers. Luckily, the Internet told me that peppers can easily be frozen.
Scott selected Yellow Blush and Orange Blaze bell peppers and Carmen (a small sweet red peppers.)
Scott and I washed the peppers and cut them into skinny strips before popping them into freezer bags. The yield of six bags, each about 8 oz., will need to be eaten in the next six months...(not to mention the next batch waiting for harvest in the garden.) Hopefully, the Internet will also help me find pepper-rich recipes to try for Scott.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Garden Update!

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