Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bibbers Visits the Doctor

It's A Boy!
No, congratulations aren't in order; we've not had a new baby. What we do have is confirmation from our veterinarian that Bibbers the Barn Cat is indeed a boy (or a "neutered male," to be exact.) It was all part of the information we received during our visit to Gentle Animal Doctor Hospital on Saturday the 17th. We chose to take Bibbers into town because winter is a'comin' - and the ol' softie (Scott) wants to open our house to his little buddy when the wind howls and the temperatures drop below freezing. We had to make sure having him inside wouldn't harm Wilson or Leo.
Bibbers did a good job during transport despite his lack of travel experience. (He's a far better traveler than our sure-to-be-car-sick Leo!)
Once we were in the exam room, Scott helped Bibbers stay calm. The technicians had also treated the room (and the purple blanket) with a calming spray which seemed to work.
Bring On the Exam! 
The technician recorded everything we knew about Bibbers, including that we know he's at least six years old. Bibbers weighed in at 10 lbs., 12 oz.
Dr. Miranda Thomassen has taken care of Leo and Wilson for several years, so it was nice to have her treating Bibbs. Based on the condition of his teeth, Dr. Thomassen agreed that he isn't very old. Bibbers was tested for feline leukemia (which was negative,) and given his vaccinations. They also cleaned out his ears, discovering a small infection that we need to treat with some drops for a few weeks.  
Bibbers was given lots of encouragement, made some new friends, and even got some treats during his visit. He will return in three weeks for two booster shots.
He's an official member of the family now! And now that he has a clean bill of health, he can come in and hang out with the rest of us any time he wants. (The funny thing is now he really doesn't seem to want to come in...but he has a beautiful sunny yard to play in and a heated cat condo, so he's not suffering for comfort.)
Stay Tuned for More Fun with Bibbers!

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