Saturday, February 7, 2015

February Begins with Snowy Day

Finally, winter arrived. Though it was a swell January with temperatures quite often in the 50s, it felt good to begin our February with some snow on the ground. The snow started to fall rather quickly overnight Sunday the 1st, and with wind and falling temps, most of the city (including church services) was closed down for the day.
What would we do without the Ranger and its plow?

Scott cleared the driveway twice on Sunday to keep up with the snowfall and the wind. 
The official snow fall total was about 5.7 inches but some spots at noTTafarm were 10-inches deep with 2-foot drifts.
 Using the shovel . . .
 . . . and the little snow blower to clear the courtyard.
Another four inches fell on Wednesday (Feb. 4) so Scott and the Ranger had a little more work to do. Now today, (Feb. 7) the temps have again risen to the high-40s and our beautiful crystalline landscape is melting away. Only 39 more days til spring begins!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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