Monday, March 19, 2012

"When Harry Met Sally" - - noTTafarm Style

Friday, March 16th was a particularly beautiful day with highs in the low 80s and a nice breeze...certainly not typical for Omaha in mid-March!  Once we got home from work, Scott and I decided to treat Leo to a little outdoors time.
 Leo loves rolling around on the concrete!

Little did we know that "danger" was lurking nearby . . . 

 Yikes!  It's Bibbers!
Leo and Bibbers had heretofore only spied on each other through the windows.  We were nervous about what may transpire if they ever met nose-to-nose.  
Leo seemed to take the subservient role right away, showing his famous "splayed leg" pose to his new buddy.  They mostly just stared at each other, with a few low growls here and there.  
After about 10 minutes of this type of re-positioning, there was a brief chase and a tiny scuffle...and then Leo decided it was time to go inside.

This encounter may not lead to a lasting love story but we do hope that Leo continues to learn how to be a good part-time outdoor cat.

Quite an Adventure for Our Two Orange Kitties!

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